Sewage Water Extraction

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Sewage Water Extraction


Sewage water may come from sewage backups, such as toilets or septic systems; alternatively, it may enter your home from a nearby lake, stream, river, or groundwater. In either case, it is the highest category of water damage. It contains harmful biological waste, bacteria, and viruses that threaten you and your family. Professionals are the only people who should remove, clean, and disinfect water damage resulting from black water or unknown water sources.

Thousand Oaks Water Damage is proud to be your trusted sewage cleanup company. We invest in high-grade protective gear and equipment to remove black water safely and efficiently. Additionally, we carefully work to remove and dispose of all affected items. We also take extreme measures to clean and sanitize every surface to ensure that dangerous matter and organisms are eliminated. In this manner, we help you stay healthy and safe.

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